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Reasons why a compression bra is a better choice than a sports bra after breast surgery

Reasons why a compression bra is a better choice than a sports bra after breast surgery

Any type of breast surgery will leave the area vulnerable. That is why you need to make sure you have the correct support. A correctly chosen bra will provide all the support the breasts need to go through the recovery period.

Surgeons may suggest wearing a sports bra since it is soft yet firm in preventing the breasts from bouncing. But, even though this is true, a compression bra may be a better option. Here are some reasons why:

Why do you need a special bra in the first place?

After breast surgery, it is important to keep the body’s fluids going, especially if lymph nodes have been removed. Fluid retention is not desirable and must be avoided. Also, bruising in the area should be kept at bay, allowing the tissue to heal at an adequate pace. To maintain these aspects in place, better results are provided by compression bras, rather than wearing regular sports bras.

The ease of use

Just think about the way you need to put on a sports bra. Most sports bras have a back closure. Reaching the back with your hands or stretching them may be uncomfortable after breast surgery. On the other hand, compression bras feature a fastening system in the front. This makes them easy to put on. Access to the operated area is also easier.

Support without risks

A sports bra will keep the breasts in place while exercising, but it can be too restrictive when dealing with post-surgery recovery. The breasts can swell a little and a sports bra won’t leave any room for this. On top of this, the straps and underband can be too tight, restricting the correct flow of lymph through the body. Compression bras are designed to be permissive and adjustable. This way, the patient can loosen or tighten the way the bra sits, according to needs. Besides adjustable straps, compression bras also feature specially designed panels and underband, which facilitate lymphatic drainage.

Comfortable yet secure

The way a bra is made and its design also count in making you feel comfortable and safe. If we look at sports bras, they will often feature visible seams. As you move, these seams can make you uncomfortable by rubbing onto the operated area. Besides discomfort, this friction can also lead to blood clotting. On the other hand, compression bras have been designed to be worn after breast surgery. They will feel soft on the skin and won’t risk causing further damage to sensitive tissue.

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