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New Innovation in Breast Prostheses

New Innovation in Breast Prostheses

Dealing with uneven breasts is an unpleasant situation for women, regardless of the cause. Whether we are talking about mastectomy, edema or fluctuations in size due to hormonal changes, it can be frustrating having a chest area that doesn’t look even.

Luckily, there’s a prosthesis that can adapt to your needs and breast shape, allowing you to regain your comfort and self-confidence. Adapt Air is a breast prosthesis that can be easily adjusted, helping women even out their appearance.

What is this prosthesis all about?

This product was created considering the shape of female breasts. This way, it fits perfectly with a woman’s body, giving her chest a natural aspect. It can be easily adjusted, allowing each woman to reach her desired effect.

The innovative design of the prosthesis earned two awards that certify its quality and reliability. In 2020, Adapt Air received the Red Dot Design Award. This year, the product earned the prestigious German Design Award, in the Medical, Rehabilitation, and Healthcare section. The jury at the event recognised the ability of the device to help women lead a normal life, free of frustrations, mental discomfort, and stigmatization from society.

Another advantage of Adapt Air is that it is much lighter compared to traditional breast prostheses. It weighs 40% less due to the use of a special type of silicone, increasing the comfort of the patient as she wears it.

What kind of feedback did it generate?

The women who have tried this prosthesis are thrilled with the product, saying that it feels light. Because it is so soft and has an anatomic shape, no one will be able to tell the difference. Also, due to the air chamber, it is possible to adjust its shape so that you reach perfection each time. It will be difficult to find another breast prosthetic that provides so many benefits and advantages.

If you want to find out more about the Amoena Adapt Air, get in touch with the team in Bravelle today.  We are delighted to be stockists of this wonderful product.  Get the perfect fit with amoena’s adjustable fit breast form.