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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

You may have been wondering about entitlements with medical cards, what’s covered with health insurance or even how to measure yourself.   These are all questions that we have been asked many times, so we decided to put together a list of our popular questions and answer them for you here. 

What bras and prosthesis am I entitled to on my medical card?

The medical card allowance is slightly different depending on which health board area you are living in. In general, most ladies who hold a valid medical card are covered for two post-surgery bras per year and a breast prosthesis every two years if required. You should get a prescription from your G.P. for these and take it with you to Bravelle when going for your fitting.

Am I covered for Post-surgery bras though my health insurance?

Private patients can buy replacement prostheses from us. Most insurance policies will reimburse you for your prostheses, bras and swimwear every year. Others will cover a percentage of your prostheses costs. There is no excess on these day-to-day claims. You need to check your insurance policy to see what is covered and how you must submit claims. All necessary medical purchases can be claimed against tax.

How do I measure myself Post Surgery?

A good bra fitting is essential to ensure a comfortable fit, so ideally we would recommend that you are fitted by us in store. We offer both bra and prosthesis fitting services to all our customers free of charge. It is essential to be fitted with a proper prosthesis which looks natural and feels comfortable.

However, we understand that this is not always possible for you to come to visit us so we have created a fitting guide which you can access here.

Where can I find you and do I need to make an appointment?  

We are based in Ballyneety, Co. Limerick. We also hold regular fitting services (approx. every 4-6 weeks) in Thurles, Clonmel and Waterford.  As we place a high priority on privacy, we would prefer every customer to make an appointment, where possible, so that we can give you our undivided attention and ensure the best possible fitting experience.

What do I need to bring for the bra fitting?

If you have a bra that you feel comfortable wearing, we would recommend that you bring this to your fitting. It is also good to bring your current breast form if you have one. A snuggly fitting t-shirt in a plain or stripped fabric is also very useful as it will help us ensure we are choosing the best pieces to go under any outfit. A very patterned top can sometimes disguise any slight differences between the two breasts, so this is not a good option when choosing your breast form.

When will I get my order for my post-surgery bra?

If I have exactly what you need you will be able to take your order home with you on the day of your visit. We are a small business and sometimes I may not have the exact colour you require in stock. If this happens, I will place your order on the same day and will ship the items to you free of charge as soon as they arrive in store.

I have had partial breast surgery and my breasts are uneven, can you help?

Yes, absolutely. We have many clients that have had partial breast surgery. As well as uneven breasts we find that ladies can often have tenderness following their surgery and a post-surgery bra makes a huge difference in this case. Sometimes a good post-surgery bra will be enough to do the trick and in other cases we have a wide range of partial breast prostheses, which come in many shapes and sizes, to help balance your figure.

I have had a breast reconstruction, what bra would you recommend?

This depends. Are you 100% happy with your reconstruction? If so, a well-fitting bra will be perfect for you.  If you are not totally happy with your surgery and feel a little uneven a partial breast shaper may help you. I would recommend that you make an appointment and try on some styles.

I am going for a reconstruction, what bra should I wear immediately post-op?

I have recently completed further training in this area. I would strongly recommend a compression bra. We have a good selection in store. There are various levels of compression to suit different types of surgery so I would advise a consultation if possible.

These are only some of the questions we are asked regularly.  Hopefully you found this helpful, however if you have any questions don’t forget you can always pick up the phone to us.   Our expert trained team are here to support you and help you. 

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