These products specifically suited to aid in the prevention and treatment of lymphoedema.

What is Anita Lymph O Fit?

For lymphatic treatments, Anita has developed a specialist material with a 3D/raised dot texture on the inside. This texture has a massaging and draining effect on the subcutis and smaller lymphatic vessels. This activates and improves lymphatic drainage. It additionally promotes scar regression. Good moisture wicking and breathability ensure comfort and pleasant conditions for the skin. This material is used for the reduction of light lympoedema, haematoma and fibrosis.
Note: All Lymph O Fit™ products can only be used after the wound has healed

What is Amoena CuraLymph?

The Amoena Lymph Care Concept is ideal for patients after breast cancer therapy with mild lymphatic disease in the thoracic and/or chest area. The Amoena concept combines products from Recovery Care, Breast Care Apparel and Breast forms and shapers. Our product solutions complement each other excellently and make a contribution to holistic care.

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